A bi-lingual (Russian-French) catalog of an exhibition of the works of Maximilian Voloshin (1877-1932), painter, poet and critic, who visited Paris for two significant periods, in 1901-03 and then in 1913–16 opens with an introductory article by Marie-Aude Albert, the exhibition’s curator. Featuring his 1913–16 output, water colors from his later years, photographs and personal artifacts, the works of his friends and colleagues, manuscripts and autobiography notes, there are also articles from early 20th Century newspapers and quotations from the artist’s letters, all of which give an impression not only of Voloshin’s life, but of his contemporaries as well as the lifestyles of the Paris artistic community of La Belle Époque.

Both the exhibition and catalog were funded by the AVC Charity Foundation.

<p><em>Maximilian Voloshin: Russian poet and artist of&nbsp;La&nbsp;Belle Époque</em>. Exhibition Catalog</p>


Introductory article: Marie-Aude Albert

Published by Sergei Chepik Design