The AVC Charity Foundation presents a unique project edited by Vladimir Semenikhin, the Russian Children’s Book Illustration 1881-1939. Semenikhin and his team undertook the mammoth task of collecting and conserving priceless treasures of the past — pages from illustrated children’s books from the end of the 19th to the first half of 20th Century. The outcome is a uniquely complete history of some 500 children’s books with some 1,800 colored Illustrations.

An inimitably rich world of bright, lively and innovative images of childish fantasy is reproduced in this three-volume magnum opus. Having become familiar with goodhearted and spontaneous language and authors’ ingenuity, we are left with warm nostalgic feelings of the past, at the same time revising our perceptions of modern visual culture. Thus, for modern book illustrators and designers this work may become a limitless source of inspiration and assistance in the search for new graphic directions.

Rich visual imagery is re-enforced with detailed references and critical articles re-enforced by an index of over 190 artists’ biographies, many of whom are revealed for the first time.

The Foundation funded two sample copies published in English.

<p><em>Russian Children&rsquo;s Book Illustration 1881-1939</em></p>


Editor: Vladimir Semenikhin

Published by Samolet Design Studio
500 copies in Russian (2009)