Presenting his Terrestrial Echo of Solar Storms at the Central Exhibition Hall ‘Manege’, contemporary Scottish artist Charles Sandison commented, “I’m a writer born in the body of the artist.” He is known mostly for his projects in which letters and words come to life, move and disperse. He writes his own computer programs to manipulate words and their meanings, to match every different location. Sandison creates ’words of light’ inside halls and on city walls to form abstract landscapes that are open to wide interpretation.

He borrowed his storm at the Central Exhibition Hall ‘Manege’ from a text of Alexander Chizhevsky, Russian scientist and philosopher and a founder of cosmism.

Supported by the AVC Charity Foundation.

<p>Charles Sandison. <em>Terrestrial Echo of&nbsp;Solar Storms</em></p>

04.01.2013 — 26.01.2013

Central Exhibition Hall ‘Manege’
Moscow, Russia
Curator: Maria Salina