The State Tretyakov Gallery, a key player in the international celebration of Sergei Diagilev’s creation in 1909 of the Ballets Russes, mounted Vision of the Dance, an exhibition dedicated to the Russian Ballet Seasons in Paris, 1909-1929.

Some 500 exhibits included costume sketches, decorative artefacts, curtains, costumes, photographs, posters, scale models and portraits. For the first time in Russia the original costumes for the Ballets Russes and the curtain for Blue Express, based on a sketch by Picasso (in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London) were both on display.

Ballets Russes was organized with the sponsorship of the AVC Charity Foundation.

<p><em>Vision of&nbsp;the Dance</em>. The Centenary of&nbsp;Sergei Diagilev’s <em>Ballets Russes</em></p>

28.10.2009 — 31.01.2010

The State Tretyakov Gallery
Moscow, Russia
Curators: John Boult, Zelfira Tregulova, Evgenia Iluhina, Irina Shumanova