Two years in the making, the exhibition’s main theme was shaped around the floral motifs of the Golden Age of Russian classic art 1850-1910, juxtaposed with more contemporary works of decorative floral art.

Taking up the entire space of the Engineering Building were both religious and secular artworks from the Gallery, sharing space with the artefacts of ancient contemporary landscape design and with the masters of Japanese flower arrangement (Ikebana). Such an approach allowed a contrast to be made between conventional wall hangings and free-standing three-dimensional objects. Exhibits were arranged to link complex artistic relationships. Sophisticated compositions from real and hand-made flowers brought the exhibits into one large-scale realization, creating a uniquely coordinated montage.

The AVC Charity Foundation provided artworks and sponsorship.

<p><em>Flowers&nbsp;— The Remnants of&nbsp;Paradise on&nbsp;Earth</em></p>

06.03.2009 — 10.05.2009

The State Tretyakov Gallery
Moscow, Russia
Curator: Ekaterina Selezneva