Francisco Infante and Nonna Goryunova, creators of Snow Meridian, are key figures in the actual art movement and successors of the Russian avant-garde. On display were 162 artworks from various series featured over a number of years. For example, from Snow in the Alps, Pilgrimage of the Square and Inverted Perspective.

Snow Meridian was devised as an ‘ice project’, committing the artists, the first after Malevich and Kandinsky, to white canvas, white marble and white paper media. Their work symbolizes sacred light, purity, infinity and silence.

Organized by the Polina Lobachevskaya Gallery and sponsored by the AVC Charity Foundation, at the close of the exhibition the Foundation gifted the Tretyakov Gallery with more than forty of the artists’ works.

<p><em>Snow Meridian</em>. Francisco Infante and Nonna Goryunova</p>

16.12.2009 — 01.08.2010

The State Tretyakov Gallery
Moscow, Russia
Curator: Polina Lobachevskaya