Curated by Jean-Louis Cohen, prolific author on the works of Le Corbusier, the Moderna Museet (Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm) featured Moment — Le Corbusier’s Secret Laboratory, a unique collection of paintings, sculptures and unrealized plans for the urbanization of Stockholm (1933).

Le Corbusier’s studio was presented as a laboratory where he conducted his creative experiments. 200 works were shown, including landscapes, still-lifes, portraits, sculptures, sketches, city plans, photographs and many other artefacts of the architect’s life and work.

Press release

<p><em>Moment&nbsp;— Le&nbsp;Corbusier’s Secret Laboratory</em></p>

19.01.2013 — 18.04.2013

Moderna Museet
Stockholm, Sweden
Curators: Jean-Louis Cohen, Pascal Mory